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The nostalgic building at the end of Laki Street has received a new lease of life – it has now become Laki Business Centre. Having retained its Soviet-style external features, the building has been renovated with all the essential elements replaced: windows, doors, partition walls and utilities. The interior has also been renovated. Modern glass facade has been built on the entrance side of wing A, where a spacious lobby and office spaces with plenty of natural light are situated. Today, the building offers the perfect environment for various commercial activities, as a variety of office, production and storage spaces converge here.
This building used to be known as the Kommunaar House, so named after the shoe factory situated here, which was an important part of the Soviet footwear industry in manufacturing 2 million pairs every year. Completed by Estonian and Finnish construction workers in 1986, the building saw the closure of the factory in 1993 and since then it has been providing business and production spaces to many companies.
Come to Laki Business Centre if you need a new location for your office – or storage and production facilities as well. Be sure to contact us and come take a look for yourself!


The building comprises wings A, B and C.
In the same way that it has three parts, the building fulfils three purposes: office, production and storage facilities. Many companies in need of such diverse commercial spaces in close proximity will certainly appreciate the special appeal of Laki Business Centre.
All the windows and doors have been replaced, the interior is now more ergonomic and the rental spaces provide a greater degree of flexibility for potential tenants: here both smaller and larger companies can find spaces to ideally suit them. The rooms are dominated by bright-colour elements that liven up the atmosphere and make it easier for people to find their way around the building.
Wing A contains the main entrance with the lobby, office spaces on five storeys and several convenient service outlets: you can have meals in the 90-seater restaurant on the first storey and visit a hairdressing salon and a shoe repair shop. Other services will be added in time. All the office spaces on offer are equipped as required and are ready for new tenants to move in. Should a tenant have special provisions, the chosen office rooms can be improved or modified within reasonable limits. The sizes of the available office spaces range from 20-400 square metres and can accommodate a variety of businesses.
Wings B and C house production and storage spaces with ceilings at 4.4 m. Therefore, these are ideally suited for smaller enterprises but are also capable of holding various larger workbenches and other production machinery. Each of the two wings has a goods lift (W 1.8 m, H 2.18 m, D 2.3 m) that can move bulky products and equipment from one storey to another. The sizes of the available storage and production spaces range from 100-1,500 square metres.
The premises is overseen by security guards.
The building is situated in a free parking zone and there is a car park for about 400 vehicles in front of the building. You can also park larger vehicles in the inner courtyard.







Rental information

The renting rates for office spaces start from EUR 4.9 per square metre per month; for production and storage spaces, the rates start from EUR 3.9 per square metre per month.

These renting rates do not include utility payments (electricity, water, heating, cleaning, etc.). The approximate average total monthly size of the utility payments is EUR 3-3.5 per square metre.

Rental information:

LAAM Kinnisvara


Tiit Kaart

Tel +372 5645 0932


EN Grupp


Erko Närska

Tel +372 5669 6130




Arkadi Pikulenko

Tel +372 556 25 163



Laki Business Centre is situated in the Kristiine district of Tallinn, in the vicinity of Mustamäe, which is an industrial district bordering the Veskimetsa residential district on two sides. Laki Street spans the building in a semi-circle, thereby enabling good access from several sides both for small cars and lorries.
The building is situated in a free parking zone and there is a car park for about 400 vehicles in front of the building. You can also park larger vehicles in the inner courtyard.
You can reach Laki Business Centre on public transport via the Mustamäe and Kadaka roads.

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